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Hunters feed the hungry

LARNED, Kansas - Thousands of Kansans take to our state's fields and grasslands each year to hunt. But some of those are choosing to take their game and give it to those less fortunate. 
Kenneth Wood is one of those farmers. Hunting deer is a passion. 
"Well it's really simple, I like to go hunting a lot, but I don't have any kids to feed any more so the only way to keep hunting and killing dear is to donate it," said Kenneth Wood, Edwards County resident. 
So Kansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry partners with local meat lockers to process the meat for free, and give it to food pantries. 
"They have the tag on the deer, when it goes out and so the food banks know who the deer is coming from," Sue Bennett, co-owner B&B Quality Meats LLC. 
One deer can feed up to 200 people, and B&B meats say that some hunters bring in as many as 6 deer a season.
"Oh gosh I would say probably thousands, thousands," said Bennett. "I know last year just one load out that we did was over 600 pounds that we had so, and that was just to one food bank." 
Food pantries say they don't normally have a lot of fresh meat to give out, so when they receive deer meat donations, it goes quickly. 
"Well if we didn't have the program going for us, if they didn't call us and let us know they had some venison for us, all we'd have is hot dogs and sometimes not even that," said Linda Wyman, Pawnee County Food Pantry.      
Wyman says recipients at the food pantry are always grateful for the meat donations, making hunters like Kenneth just proud that he can help out. 
"Well there's a lot of people out there who can't afford to buy good food, it's something to eat for free," said Wood. 
If you want to find out how to donate deer meat for the hungry go to




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